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Contact EMailer contact form installation for

Many users of the WordPress platform wish to include a contact form for their blog. But, WP has many restrictions in using external widgets. Contact EMailer contact form can be installed on your WordPress page. The ContactEMailer contact form is the best tool for receiving emails directly to your inbox from your WP site

    To embed Contact EMailer form into your WordPress blog, follow these steps
  • Go to
  • Click on the Get & Share button under the Contact EMailer form widget
  • Click on the Options button and provide Widget Settings (on the top of widget)
  • Provide Gadget Settings
    • Your Email address
    • Web page in which Contact EMailer form gadget is to be displayed
    • Title,Subtitle,Field captions etc
    • Foreground and Background Colors
    • Right to left support, if needed
    • Image CAPTCHA support
    • Width and height of form
  • Close the Options pane. Now you are again at Get & Share pane
  • Click on Wordpress button
  • Choose widget size or click on Keep Current Size
  • Enter username, password and blogname. Then click Add
  • A message link Your content was successfully shared! appears
  • Click on that link. You will go to WP now. Login if required
  • You are now at Edit Post page
  • Copy the HTML. It will be displayed like [clearspring_widget title="Contact EMailer Version4" wid="49c7673323b2332d" pid="4a8e462d9a750cc8" width="200" height="400" domain=""]
  • Now click on Appearance -->Widgets
  • Drag a Text Widget to your sidebar
  • Paste the HTML as content
  • Provide a Title example: Contact ME
  • Click Save and then Close button on the Text widget
  • View and test your blog with the Contact EMailer contact form