Contact EMailer

Working of ContactEMailer form

  • The user of the free form adds the Contact EMailer utility into his web page
  • When someone visits that web page, he/she can see the form
  • If the visitor needs to send an email to the user( ie. the owner of the site), he fills up the form and click send button
  • A message appears as 'Mail sent successfully'
  • The message which is sended by the visitor reaches directly to the mailbox of the site owner
  • The From field of the email is same as the vistors email address. So the site owner can directly reply to him
  • The subject of the mail will be the web page's URL. So that, the user of the Contact EMailer form can distinguish the mail from other mails
  • The visitor also gets a confirmation mail in his inbox. It acts as a reminder about the mail