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What is an abnormal period?

Normal menstruation cycle in women can occur at 28 days but the cycle that last from 21 to 35 days is also considered normal. The cycle depends on each woman’s body. Normally the period starts in a girl between the age of 10 and 16.In the beginning it is very natural to have your menstruation cycle at different length. It will take minimum one year to have your cycle regular.

Abnormal period is where you have some problems with menstruation cycle. Some of the problems are either it happens less than 21 days or it occurs more than 35 days. The flow will be heavier or lighter than your usual period. You will find spotting or bleeding in some days before your menstruation cycle start or after that. You tend to miss your period continuously two or three times. There will be slight pain when you have your periods and that is normal but when you have severe pain, vomiting, cramping etc, then there might be some other problem as well.

Amenorrhea is a condition in which women’s period will stop completely. If your period is absent for 90 days then it is considered as abnormal. Normally your period stops when you are pregnant or breastfeeding or when you are going through menopause. Menopause happens when a woman is ages between 40 and 55.

So it is very important to keep a track of your menstruation cycle and should be very clear about when your period started and when it end etc.

How can you make your period normal?

Abnormal period can happen due to several causes and one of the main reasons is stress. Change in lifestyle, travelling, losing or gaining weight can impact the menstruation cycle in women. If you have irregular periods it will also be a sign or symptom for some other medical condition. Other causes are the continuous use of birth control pills, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome etc. So it is very important to consult the doctor at the earliest if you see any of those symptoms mentioned above.

Mostly the reason for abnormal period is due to imbalance in your hormone. Diet plays a major role and you need to take healthy food if you want your body to behave normally. Try to avoid fat and fast food. If you want to lose weight, don’t starve your body. Your diet should be wholesome and should provide your body with all nutrients it requires. Instead of gobbling on potato chips and chocolates, try to eat more fruits. Another important thing is that your body needs rest. Give some time for relaxation so that it can gear up for the next day. Spend some time doing something that you like. Don’t overdo your exercise. Remember everything in moderation is good. Intense exercise routine can cause irregular period. You need to take birth control pills as instructed. Do consult a gynecologist for regular checkups. In this way it is easy to diagnose and can prevent any disease.