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How to get pregnant?

Today due to the lifestyle and the kind of food you eat, more and more women are not able to conceive naturally. But this doesn’t mean you need to panic. If you are ready to do certain changes then it will be easier and faster to get pregnant. You need to prepare both mentally and physically before you try to conceive. It will be a good idea to go for pre natal check up. This will help you to know about some health conditions that will aggregate if you get pregnant. Mostly the doctor will do pelvic examinations and also will conduct some basic tests. This will also help you to know whether you have any problem and you can start the treatment right away without losing much time.

Steps That Can Help You to Get Pregnant Faster

Find When You Are Fertile

It is a matter of right time, so if you are successful to track when you ovulate, then your chance of getting pregnant is very high. It is easy to find out when you ovulate. You need to count from the first day of your period till fourteen days. Most of the women ovulate fourteen days after their first period. This is perfect if you have a regular menstruation cycle. If your periods are not regular then it will be hard to find when you are fertile.

You can also check your cervical mucus. If it is egg white and stretchy that means you are fertile. The other way to know about this is to check basal temperature. You can also get ovulation predictor kit.

Have Sex Often

Try to have sex before you ovulate. You and your partner should enjoy and there should not be any kind of pressure or negativity. After sex, don’t get up immediately, lie down and relax for few minutes. This will help to increase the chance of getting faster.

Test Your Pregnancy

If your periods haven’t turn up then go for pregnancy test. If it is negative, don’t get disheartened. Most of the couple won’t get pregnant at the first go. So you need to be positive and prepare yourself for the next time.

Eat Healthy

It is important that you know what goes inside you. Some food reduces the chance of you getting pregnant and consuming certain substance will harm your baby. So try to eat fresh food and stay away from the junk till the time you are pregnant and deliver the baby. Some undercook food may even cause food poisoning which makes you weaker and may harm your baby. Eat more of fruits and vegetables. It will also be good idea to include dairy products in your diet.

Quit Smoking, Alcohol and Other Drugs

Cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs can reduce the chance of you getting pregnant. Not only the women but her partner should also quit smoking; drinking alcohol etc. Men who smoke regularly can have lower sperm counts and abnormal sperm. So try to quit these habits.