Safe Period Calculator

Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

Getting pregnant without planning comes as a shock rather than a sweet surprise. There are many women who get perplexed and don’t know what to do next when they are pregnant. Then they need to make the hardest choice that is either to go for abortion or to deliver the baby. As the saying goes “prevention is always better than cure”. If you are not ready to get pregnant, then there are different ways by which you can avoid it. You can use contraceptives, family planning, fertility control etc. You can do it in natural way as well. The main benefit of doing it in natural way is that there won’t be any side effects like some birth control pills can cause.

Safe period Awareness Method (SPAM)

In this method you should take a close observation of your body. You need to be patient and should take a note and interpret fertility on day to day basis. The effectiveness of this method depends on knowing the ovulation period. You should be very accurate in knowing about your fertile window. It is one of the effective ways of preventing pregnancy. The main advantage is that there are no side effects and you will know about your reproductive health. The disadvantage is that it will not protect you from any sexually transmitted disease. You should always be disciplined and committed to note down the safe period. You can use easily find out the safe period by using our safe period calculator

Temperature Method

Before starting any physical activity you need to check the temperature of vagina daily. For this you need to use a special thermometer that is accurate and sensitive than the normal thermometer. After the ovulation there will be a sudden rise in temperature maybe 0.3 to 0.4 degree Celsius. This temperature will remain for the rest of your cycle. For this method to be effective abstinence is required until third day of the rise of the temperature.

Calendar Method

This method is based upon calculating a women’s fertile period on the calendar. You need to calculate it by looking at previous 12 menstrual cycles and from that you need to minus 18 days from your shortest menstrual cycle. This will tell you the first fertile day. You need to minus eleven days from your longest menstrual cycle. This will tell about the last fertile day. This will tell you about the number of days which you ovulate. But this will be risky if your periods are irregular. This method is not that effective when you compare with other methods.

Mucus Inspection Method

This method again requires a close observation. It depends on the mucus that women produce due to estrogen. The mucus will be more watery than the normal days. This change in mucus will happen when the egg is released from the ovary. You can know about the difference by examining it. It is safe to have sex from the time you had your last menstrual period till you notice this change in mucus.
So try these natural methods and avoid unwanted pregnancies.