Safe Period Calculator

Purpose of Safe Period Calculator

  • To predict the fertile period in the menstrual cycle
  • To avoid unwanted pregnancy by knowing the ovulation period

How to avoid unwanted pregnancy using safe period calculator

Family planning is done in a number of ways. Safe period calculator helps to implement the natural way of family planning. In some situations, we wish to avoid contraceptives for medical reasons. Otherwise, we may wish to avoid the usage of condoms for more pleasure during an intercourse. But, due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy, we try to avoid intercourse without any protection. The safe period calculator is very much useful in this situation. The safe period calculator shows us the days in which we can do sex without using any contraceptives. Doctors says that intercourse in infertile days will not cause pregnancy. So with the help of safe period calculator, we can find the infertile period in the menstrual cycle and make love without fear.

Using ovulation calendar to getting pregnant soon

If you wish to get pregnant soon, you must do sex in the fertile days. In this situation also, safe period calculator is helpful. The safe period calculator shows the ovulation calendar. From the ovulation period calendar, you can recognise the fertile period easily. Use that days for getting pregnant. Safe period calculator is a very helpful tool because it remebers you about the days you must not miss for sex.

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