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Top Reasons To Select Natural Ways To Avoid Pregnancy

There are many people who would like to avoid artificial methods and would like to go for natural ways to avoid pregnancy. The artificial ways most people adopt are taking birth control pills, contraceptives, fertility control etc. Even though these are very convenient and easy methods to adopt there are so many side effects related to it and that is exactly why it is good to select natural ways to avoid pregnancy.

Why natural methods are much safer?

Most women use birth control pills to avoid pregnancy. If you don’t select the right birth control pill it can put your health as well as the health of your future baby in danger. It is very important to know how these birth control pill works on your body. Normally your body ovulates once on every month and an egg is released and it will be implanted on the uterus if it is fertilized. Now when you take a birth control pill, it will reduce the estrogen level in your body and you will menstruate normally. This will affect your normal menstrual cycle and it can cause so many side effects while you stay continuously on these pills. Some of the side effects are mood swings, weight loss or gain, nausea, irregular bleeding etc. These are some of the mild side effects. Even though most of the women face these side effects they ignore it because birth control pills are more convenient.

There are some other side effects which are more severe, like it increases high risk of cervical and breast cancer. It can even cause heart attack, stroke, infertility etc. Another major problem of extensive use of contraceptive pills is that they destroy beneficial bacteria and can cause yeast infections like Candida which can really affect your overall health.

That is why it is essential to try natural methods to avoid pregnancy. The main benefit of doing it in natural way is that there won’t be any side effects like some birth control pills can cause. The effectiveness of this method depends on knowing the ovulation period. You should be very accurate in knowing about your fertile window. It is one of the effective ways of preventing pregnancy. You should abstain from intercourse if you want to avoid getting pregnant. The main advantage is that there are no side effects and you will know about your reproductive health. Here you can appreciate the way your body works and you will be amazed to know how it works it in that way. There is another natural method to avoid pregnancy which is called temperature method. Before starting any physical activity you need to check the temperature of vagina daily. For this you need to use a special thermometer that is accurate and sensitive than the normal thermometer. After the ovulation there will be a sudden rise in temperature maybe 0.3 to 0.4 degree Celsius. This temperature will remain for the rest of your cycle. So try these natural methods which are more beneficial to your body.