Vidura's Advices gadget

Advices from vidura

Vidura is a great character in the eternal epic Mahabharatha.Vidura was half brother to Dhiratharashtra and Pandu.He was a minister of Hastinapuram.This gadget provides you the vidura's neethi which is based on Dharma(Duty),Artha(Wealth)and Kama(virtue)

Vidura's Greatness and Bhakthi

Vidura is known for his bhakthi for Krishna. Vidura always stood on the side of dharma. When the brother Drithrashtra was ready for a war in an adharmic way, and when Duryodhana insulted Vidura in the court, he took a strong decision of resigning the post of the minister and walked away.

How this gadget can be usefull?

  • This gadget contains the advices that tells us ,how to behave or work in each situations.It is a great treasure for all of us
  • You can customize the appearance of the Vidura's advices form. You can change the colors of the form. You can change the size of the form.