Vidura neethi

Vidura was a person with great wisdom and foresight.His teachings in the mahabharatha are called Vidura neethi.It is in the Upayoga parva in the great Mahabharatha.vidura neethi gives advices about various topics that is valid till date.It is very useful when it comes to identify people,in relationships,attain victory and attain Moksha.
Vidura neethi tells about different topics that is very useful in our day today life.Subjects like Silence and Truth, Company, Sorrow, Relatives, Strength in unity, Health, Anger, Prosperiity etc
Some advices are given below in detail.For the rest advices you can use the vidura's advices gadget.

What Neeti says about One who has the " Mark of Wisdom

  • One that is not served from the high ends of life by the aid of self‐knowledge, exertion, forbearance and steadiness in virtue, is called wise.
  • One whom neither anger nor joy, nor pride, nor false modesty, nor stupefaction, nor vanity, can draw away from the high ends of life, is considered as wise.
  • One whose judgment dissociated from desire, follows both virtue and profit, and who disregarding pleasure chooses such ends as are serviceable in both worlds, is considered wise.
  • One that understands quickly, listens patiently, pursues his objects with judgment and not from desire and spends not his breath on the affairs of others without being asked, is said to possess the foremost mark of wisdom
  • He who strives, having commenced anything, till it is completed.