Sanskrit Baby Names

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Sanskrit baby boy names starting with D

Name Meaning Numerology
Daasharathi Lord Rama 9
Dattathreya An incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri 6
Dhrupad Name of a Musical Thalam 9
Daman Controller 6
Divakar Sun 3
Dhyan Meditation 7
Deva kanth God loved 5
Dhruv certainly 1
Dwarakapathi Lord Krishna 5
Drupad The king Drupad 1
Dayamay Person with full of mercy 7
Devdath God given 1
Dhanush The zodiac sign Saggitarius 3
Deepen Name of a poet 4
Daya Mercy 4
Deendayal One who has mercy for poor 8
Deependu Moon 2
Devansh Part of God 1
Dhadhichi Well Known Sage 9
Dayanidhi Lord who is compassionate 3
Danavendra Lord Who gives boons 3
Dushyant Reputed king of lunar dynasty 4
Devarshi Great sages having the position of God 5
Darshak Spectator of events 8
Devendra King of God's 1
Danvir Charitable 5
Devashish Blessing of God 5
Dinakar Sun 4
Deepak Lamp 6
Deepan Light 9
Dhana Wealth 1
Daksha a lord of created beings 8
Dayanand One who is happy to be merciful 1
Devang From God 8
Devank Godly 3
Dasarath Father of lord Rama 9
Deepankar One who lights the lamp 3
Dinamani Sun 2
Dharmaraj Lord Yama 2
Dhairya Courage 3
Daya Shankar Merciful Lord shiva 4
DevakiNandan Son of Devaki(Krishna) 1
Deepesh Lord of light 8
Devkumar Son of God 5
DevaPad Divine feet 8
Dayaswaroop Mercyful 3
Dayaram Merciful 9
Dayasagar Extremely kind 5
Dinraj Sun 2
Dakshesh Lord Shiva 3
Deva Gods 5
Dev God 4
Devarishi Rishi among Gods 5
Dharma righteous, virtuous, pious 9
Devidas Servent of Godess 1
Dayakar Merciful 7
Dandapani Lord Subramanyan 1
Debashish Blessing of God 3
Darpan Mirror 9
Dayaal Kind hearted 8
Deenanath Lord of the poor 9
Dakshin south 3
Dheeraj Patience 6
Dhanpal King 2
Devpad Feet of God 7
Dhananjay Arjun 6
Deva Gupth God guarded 5
Deviprasad Gift of God 9
Devavrath Another name of Bhishma 2
Devesh Lord of GOD 9
Devguru Teacher of God's 8
Darshith shown 6
Daakshya cleverness, honesty, brilliance 7
Deependra Lord of light 9
Devajith One who conquered Devas 7
Darshan Sight 2
Drona The teacher Drona 7
Damodar Lord Vishnu 2
Devanand Divine Joy 2
Dhanraj King of Wealth 2
Dinesh God of the Day 5
Deep Lamp 3
Devilal Son of Godess 2
Dhanesh Lord of wealth 5
Devraj King of God 6
Dhrishnu Son of Manu 2
Daivik By the grace of God 2
Dhanus A bow in hand 4