Sanskrit House Names

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In Sanskrit house names you can find a large number of unique sanskrit house names.It includes both house names with accurate meanings and numerology. You may use them for your houses, apartments and villas.

Sanskrit house names starting with A

Name Meaning Numerology
Aaradhana Worship 4
Amrithabindhu A drop of nectar 2
Abhipujyam To adorn,worship 7
Anuragam passion,love 4
Arnav Being agitated,foaming 2
Aadesham Command 7
Aaravam Sound 3
Aaryaman Wise man 2
Abhijatham Faultless, Transparent 1
Anantham Unlimited 9
Ayodhya Kingdom of SreeRama 7
Abhirupam Handsome 8
Abhiman Self-Importance 3
Akshaya Pathram A pot gives the unending supply of food 8
Anutham The finest 6
Amalam Without rubbish 5
Anumodithm Approved 1
Avinash Imperishable 2
Akshatham Sundried rice used for blessing the ceremonies 1
Aashrayam Sheltor 6
Aishwaryam Prosperity,wealth 1
Anil Wind or air 9
Arpanam Offer 1
Ayyappa Kripa Blessing of Lord Ayyappan 5
Abhishekam Ablution 5
Anudarshanam Observing 7
Abhith Everywhere 3
Arumughan Lord Subramanyan 5
Abhinavam Tender 8
Ajay Invincible, unsurpassed unconquerable 1
Abhayam Fearlessness 6
Ashwamedham A form of sacrifice where a horse is sent around to establish supremacy 6
Anamayam Without miseries 6
Anaadi Without beginning 3
Ambaram Sky 4
Abhijith A nakshtra 4
Aalok Light 4
Arjun Arjuna 1
Abhilasham desire 2
Amrithash Lord Shiva 7
Ajath Having no enemy or not an enemy of anyone 4
Athishayam Wonderful 6
Akshayam Unlimited 7
Apoorvam Rare 2
Amritham veritable Nectar 2
Arindam Lord Shiva 6
Aashirvadam Blessings 7
Anshuman Radiant 1
Aaditya Name of sun 7
Aarjavam Straight, sincere 4
Abhimatham Beloved 4
Aravindam Lotus 2
Ankush a corrector, director 2
Akhilam Whole 1
Aaradhyam The one who can be worshipped by everyone 9
Achyutham Infallible one 1
Aanantham Happiness 1
Aadarsham Ideal 3
Anahatham Unbeaten 4
Aakash Sky 5
Aaryan Wise man 6
Amar God 6
Anashwaram The one whithout an end 9
Arpitham Given to God 5
Athulyam Incomparable 2
Aadidev The supreme god 1
Athyajat Sacrifice 5
Aaradhy The won who has the quality to be worshipped 4
Abhyudayam Rise,prosperity 2
Ankitham Marked 5
Arunam Red colour, the colour of the dawn or morning twilight 5
Anjali Folded hands 2
Anugrah favour 7
Ambujam Lotus 7
Amaravathy Devendra's place 2