Sanskrit House Names

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Sanskrit house names starting with C

Name Meaning Numerology
Chinthan Thoughts 5
Chilanka Musical Instrument worn by the dancer 5
Chethan The living force 5
Charutha Loveliness 8
Champakam A kind of perfume 4
Chakravakam Name of a Raga 9
Chithanyam Energy,enthusiasm 3
Charu haasin Sweetly laughing 4
Chetas Mind 2
Chandrabimbam Moon 8
Chirayu long life span 4
Chandanam Charming,Sandal 5
Chinmayam Full of consciousness 6
Chand Moon 3
Chandra Moon 4
Chidambaram Lord 1
Chandramauli Lord shiva 6
Chandrodayam Moon rise 8