Sanskrit House Names

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Sanskrit house names starting with H

Name Meaning Numerology
Harichandanam One of the five devine trees 5
Hariharasuthan Lord Ayyappan 3
Havishaa Offerings 6
Harsham Cheerfullness 5
Hridesh In the location of the heart 8
Hari Chandra of a king of the solar dynasty. [He was the son of Triśaṅku and was famous for his libe- rality, probity, and unflinching adherence to truth. 4
Harith Green 1
Hari Krishnan Lord Krishna 4
Heman Gold 5
Hridyam Pleasing to the heart 6
Hindol A swing, The swing on which the figures of Krishna are carried about during the swing- festival in the bright half of Śrāvaṇa 8
Hamsa Naath Lord Shiva 5
Hemantham Winter 2
Havan Offering an oblation with fire 1
Hrishikesh Master of all senses 6
Hiranyagarbha A name of sun 5
Himanshu Moon 3
Hithaishin One who wishes good 6
Harikesh Lord Shiva 7
Haridas Sevak of Lord Hari 6
Harin deer 5
Hridayesh In the hearts 7
Hans Swan 6
Hamsadhavani Name of a Raga 2
harikedaram Name of a Raga 8
Hari Vishnu 9
Hriju Straight 3