Sanskrit House Names

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Sanskrit house names starting with J

Name Meaning Numerology
Jayanth Indra's son 7
Jagath Universe 2
Jay Victory 9
Janani Mother 4
Jeevan life 3
Jagannath Lord who protects the world 4
jeeva Life 7
Jith Victory 2
Jithesh God of Victory 7
Jagan World 6
Janardanan Maintainer of all living entities 6
Jagadish Protector of all 5
Jayasoorya Victorious Sun 4
Jithan Victorious 8
Janaki Nath Lord Ram 8
Jishnu Another name of Arjuna 9
Jyothis Light of the sun 7
Jyothsana Moonlight 5
Jithakam The won who wins over desires 1
Janma Birth 3
Jaimuni Name of the sage 5
Jaagrath Awake 3
Janak Father,The king Janakan 1
Jithendriyan The one who wins over senses 2
Jayan Victory 6
Jyothish Astrologer 6
Jyothishmathi Luminous 3
Jayesh God of Victory 5
Jyothirmayi Luminous 9
Jayadev Author of Geetha Govind 5