Sanskrit House Names

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Sanskrit house names starting with T

Name Meaning Numerology
Triambakam Lord Shiva 8
Tripathagaa River Ganga 3
Tapasya Continuous effort 2
Tathvavith The knower of the absolute truth 5
Taarakam Star 3
Tanay Son 7
Trivikraman Lord Vishnu 1
Tarun Young Man 2
Tanmayam Absorbed 7
Tripthi Satisfaction 1
Tilakam The ornament of anything 4
Trilokam The 3 worlds. Heaven, Earth, Hell 9
Tejomayam full of effulgence 4
Tapas Sustained effort 3
Tarangini River 3
Trilochanan Lord Shiva 7
Thejorashi effulgence 5
Tushaaram Ice/Snow 3
Tathvanjaanam knowledge of the truth 9
Tamburu Musical Instrument 6
Tanuj Son 3
Thejus radiant energy 2